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 Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)

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Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) Empty
PostSubject: Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)   Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 3:23 pm

Hello, Cirno here to present to you all the Roleplay Game that will shock you to no end!

You and your team are going to defeat the Lord of Ultimate Evil Cer'enth who holds a rare red jewel. By obtaining this jewel, you will receive an absurd amount of gold after you hand it in to the World's Eternal King Rakeuith'i's palace. Going by ship to Cer'enth's evil lair will be hard, as the sea is guarded by five hundred thousand immortal sea dragons.
~ Written by Minorihugsyou

Dragon Lord - Magician - Ranger - Warrior - Assassin - Healer - Bard - Alchemist - Beast Lord

I'll work on this later, writing up the class info for now.

Apply at the separate thread labelled as such.

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Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)   Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 3:42 pm

You and your team are going to defeat the Lord of Ultimate Evil Cer'enth who holds a rare red jewel. By obtaining this jewel, you will receive an absurd amount of gold after you hand it in to the World's Eternal King Rakeuith'i's palace. Going by ship to Cer'enth's evil lair will be hard, as the sea is guarded by five hundred thousand immortal sea dragons.

Red please edit this in(:
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Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)   Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 3:54 pm


The Dragon Lord, a mighty commander of the once untamable. This class uses the power of dragons to attack their foes and help their friends, a truly noble cause indeed. With abilities such as dragon summoning, dragon-based attacks and numerous other strategies, the Dragon Lord is one to be feared. Shall you be the one who will tame such power and harness it for great causes? Or use it for your own benefit? The choice is yours, new one!

Apprentice Dragon LordDragon LordArch Dragon LordElite Dragon Lord

Apprentice Dragon Lord-
The apprentice is the one who learns from their master. They spend hours of each day studying techniques and theories on what they attempt to apprentice at. The Apprentice Dragon Lord is one who learns from higher Dragon Lords about the way of becoming a Dragon Lord and using the power of dragons. Armed with the power of their book and longsword, the apprentice has much to learn and perform. Since the apprentice is rather inexperienced, he starts off with weak dragon-based attacks, and if the situation calls for it, he may illegally summon a dragon, but this severely drains his mana.

The skills of an Apprentice Dragon Lord-
Apprentice's Sign ~ Flame ShotA moderately powerful attack, this skill requires you to place your dominant arm out to use.
It shoots fire from your hand up to 3 metres in front of you, lasts for 4 seconds and drains 10 mana after the skill ends, regardless of whether it completes or not. The basic skill for apprentices.
Apprentice's Power ~ Dragon FangThe apprentice's melee skill. This skill imbues your sword swings with the power of a dragon, resulting in powerful attacks towards your enemies. Consumes 25 mp upon use, but will give your attacks increased power for up to 5 attacks or 4 seconds, depending on which takes place first.
Apprentice's Defense ~ Dragon SkinA passive skill of the apprentice , this skill consumes no mana upon its activation, but only activates when receiving a melee blow while standing still. This skill will increase your defense greatly, and makes you immune to melee attacks from behind. It is vital for one to protect themselves after all, and focusing on protection is best done when not attacking.
Illegal Summon ~ Dragon CallingSuch a powerful skill. Is it really wise to leave it in the hands of a student?
This skill, when activated, uses all mana remaining, and requires at least 90% of your mana reserves and can't be used early on. Once the skill is activated, the apprentice pulls out a stolen Dragon Charm and uses it to summon a wild dragon. Once summoned, this dragon goes on a rampage and can deal massive damage to anything, including its own summoner and party mates. After a minute has passed, the dragon crumbles into dust and disappears, and cannot be resummoned until the next round, given that you have the mana.

Dragon Lord-
Once the apprentice becomes skilled enough, he is given a contract with a dragon, and a Dragon Charm to summon it with. With this new power, and the newfound knowledge of dragon taming, the Dragon Lord can unleash a greater power upon his foes. Now using a more powerful broadsword and a dragon-scaled shield, the Dragon Lord, while not as physically powerful as the Warrior, can still deal heavy damage with both physical attacks and magical ones. The Dragon Lord's dragon is a lot easier to summon than the stolen one from when he was an apprentice. As a result, the Dragon Lord has a much more reliable dragon to aid him in combat. The Dragon Lord still has a long way to go before they become as strong as an elite.

The skills of a Dragon Lord-
Dragon's Sign ~ Flame WaveThis skill replaces the apprentice's skill Flame Shot. A stronger fire-elemental attack, this skill allows you to send a fire wave towards your foes with a swing of your arm. The fire wave produced travels up to 6 metres ahead of you and spreads out in a 140° arc. Slightly more expensive than Flame Shot, costing 17 mana to execute, but is 50% stronger than Flame Shot and has a much better range. (Additional note: The skill can hit up to three targets, but can hit less if you want. With three targets, the skill hits for 60% damage on each, two targets is 70% on each, and one target is 100% on the one.)
Dragon's Power ~ Dragon ClawAn upgraded version of Dragon Fang, this skill requires 30 mana to use, but will last for 10 attacks or 8 seconds, depending on which comes first, and is 20% stronger than Dragon Fang.
Dragon's Defense ~ Dragon HideThe Dragon Lord's version of Dragon Skin, this has almost the same effect, but is 5% better at defense.
Draconic Summon ~ Dragon CallingNow that the apprentice has become a Dragon Lord, he has his own Dragon Charm now, and in turn, his very own dragon. Using this tamed dragon, while slightly weaker in power than the illegal one, is a lot more reliable, lasting for 3 whole minutes before being subject to a cooldown of 5 minutes, and only costing 60 mana. This dragon will listen to its master's orders, and the Dragon Lord can even take control of the dragon with his Dragon Commander skill.
Dragon's Flight ~ Spreading of WingsAs a Dragon Lord with the ability to use dragon-like powers, surely flight would be capable, no? This is what the Dragon Lords have achieved, the ability to sprout dragon wings and use them to fly. These wings are best used as a last resort, as they put a large strain on the user's mana, costing them 30 mana per round of flight. During flight, the Dragon Lord is quite vulnerable, as attacks can deal double damage if they hit him. However, the power of flight gives them great evasion powers, so usually Rangers are the best to take a Dragon Lord down during flight.
Dragon's Eye ~ Dragon CommanderWhat good is having a dragon if one cannot control it? The Dragon Lord uses his command over dragons to take control of his dragon and place himself in its perspective, allowing him better control over the dragon's actions. This skill can only be activated while a dragon is summoned, and it leaves the Dragon Lord vulnerable to attack, with Dragon Hide being disabled during this skill's use. Care should be taken when using this skill, perhaps by having team mates defend you or finding a safe spot.

Arch Dragon Lord-
Having become more experienced than your average Dragon Lord, the Arch Dragon Lord has more authority over dragonkind. Using his sword and shield, he can become more dragon-like using his powerful skills. Between the capabilities of a warrior and a magician, the Arch Dragon Lord has a powerful balance in between raw physical power and magical capabilities. A force to be reckoned with, nobody messes with an Arch Dragon Lord except the most elite of combatants.

The skills of an Arch Dragon Lord-
Skill ~
Similar to the Flame Shot and Flame Wave, this skill allows the Arch Dragon Lord to take a deep breath, and fire an elemental breath of his choosing at his enemies. Ice, Fire, Lightning, or any element he happens to be trained in, the Arch Dragon Lord can use any of these, or even a mix if he desires. The skill takes a breathtaking 25 mana however. (The skill can hit up to 5 enemies, dealing 50% to each enemy with 5 targets, 55% damage on each enemy with 4 targets, 60% with three targets, 70% with two targets and 100% on one.)
Strength ~
The Arch Dragon Lord's version of Dragon Claw, it is a further 20% stronger, and costs 35 MP to use.
Defense ~
Identical in function to Dragon Hide, but is 10% more efficient.
Summon ~
A cheapened version of the Dragon Lord's summon, but in no way is it weaker. Quite the contrary. Only costing 40 mana, it allows the Arch Dragon Lord to summon his dragon, lasting 5 turns and only having a cooldown of 2 turns.
Flight ~
Really no different from the Dragon Lord's Spreading of Wings, costing 30 mana per turn to be able to avoid melee attacks, but still double damage from ranged attacks.
Perception ~
Similar to Dragon Commander, this skill lets the Arch Dragon Lord control his dragon and use him to battle. During the effects of this skill, the dragon's damage is boosted by 75%.
Stomp ~
A newer skill for the Arch Dragon Lord, this skill lets the Dragon Lord fly up high into the sky, before crashing down to the ground, sending a shockwave through the ground, hurting ALL enemies for high damage. Costs 50 mana to use, as it takes a lot of magical effort to let himself fly high and crash down with a charged attack.
Embodiment ~
This skill allows the Arch Dragon Lord to affiliate himself and all his attacks with a fire element, boosting their damage by 25%, for 5 turns. This skill can also be used on a teammate, but does not apply to their non-fire magic attacks. Costs 70 MP to use.

Elite Dragon Lord-
The epitome of dragon commanding, the Elite Dragon Lord has achieved the highest rank available to him. With extreme mastery of dragon-related skills, the Elite Dragon Lord can cause or resolve havoc at will with just the raise of a finger. Even the most elite of fighters will reconsider tangling with an Elite Dragon Lord.

Power ~
Breath of
This skill is a powerful breath attack of the Dragon Lord's, surpassing even the Elemental Breath. With it, the Dragon Lord can attack a barrage of enemies at one time with a powerful breath, strong enough to topple skyscrapers. Costing a hefty 35 mana, the Dragon Lord can attack a large amount of enemies; up to 7 at once, with a powerful breath attack with the element of their choosing. (With 7 targets, each enemy receives 30% damage, with 6, each enemy receives 30% damage, for 5, each receive 35% damage, for four, each receive 40%, for three, each receive 50%, for two, each receive 60%, and for one target, they receive 100%.
Fury ~
A further boosted skill, this skill is 20% stronger than Dragon Blade and costs 40 MP to use.
A Dragon's
Defense ~
Hide of
An elite passive defense, it cuts ALL damage received by 30%, giving the Dragon Lord enhanced survivability.
This skill is the Elite Dragon Lord's Dragon Calling skill. Working differently from Dragon Calling, it doesn't summon the dragon for a limited time - Instead, there is an initial summoning cost of 20 mana, and for each turn the dragon is out, it drains 10 mana. The dragon can be unsummoned at any time, and has no cooldown.
Flight ~
A skill that lets the Elite Dragon Lord take flight, avoiding ALL melee attacks, and granting them 40% evasion to single-target skills. Archer-based skills deal 50% more damage however, and the skill still costs 30 mana per round of flight.
A Dragon's
Control of
Situations ~
Dragon Admiral
Similar to Dragon Overseer, this skill allows the user to disable use of his own body for attacks, and instead take control of the summoned dragon. When used, this skill grants a double damage bonus to the dragon.
Shattering ~
A buffed up version of Dragon Quake, this skill costs 60 mana to use, but is devastating in both damage and the amount of targets it hits.
Soul ~
Similar to Flaming Fury, this skill lets an Elite Dragon Lord to enhance his or a teammate's attacks with the element of fire. Providing a 40% boost to all attacks, this skill costs 80 MP to use, and lasts for 5 turns.
Force ~
Not having a surpremely powerful attack isn't fitting of someone with such prowess. So Dragon Lords have developed a powerful attack which leaves enemies in fear. Doing a letal 40% damage to their health, this skill paralyses the enemy for the round. If this skill would deal less than 200 damage, it deals 200 damage instead. This skill costs a bone-crunching 100 mana however, and has a cooldown of two turns. Use it wisely.
A Dragon's
Final Duel ~
The Dragon Lord's last resort, this is a devastating skill indeed. The Dragon Lord must be under 30% health, and it has to be in the fifth round or later to use. The skill requires at least 40% mana left, and consumes all of it to allow the Dragon Lord to morph into a dragon himself. The power boost gained from it is incomprehensible, and their health is temporarily increased tenfold. For two rounds, the Dragon Lord can wreak havoc, hitting up to 5 enemies at once with tail swings, using highly buffed Breaths of Fury, and other offensive skills. Any dragons summoned during this are disabled for the duration, and the Dragon Lord cannot use Flaming Destruction during its effect. After two rounds, the transformation wears off, returning their health to a tenth of its buffed value, and leaving them vulnerable for the round. A lethal skill which makes anyone tremble in fear.

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)   Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 3:57 pm


The Magician, commander of things that defy logic, but things that also define our world. This class harnesses the power of Mana to its fullest and implements it into their attacks, which can have devastating effects, or handy effects for everyday purposes. With the power to manipulate the elements, perform devastating attacks, or even support their team mates, a Magician is always handy to have around. Whether specialising in a set amount of elements, or diversifying yourself by practising all, or even specialising in non-elemental magic, a Magician has the potential to do many things. Perhaps you could use the power of mana and become a powerful magician yourself?


The Scholar, one who has learned many things from their education. Like the Dragon Lord, the Scholar spends most of their time researching and studying magic concepts and ideas. Scholars aim to learn fully the concepts of magic and to be able to use it themselves. Mana manipulation is a key ability of the Scholar, for it is vital to the use of magic, something the Scholar knows well. The Scholar is physically weak, and relies on the power of mana to protect himself, otherwise he falls easily in combat. Armed with his knowledge, a spellbook and occasionally a wand or other magical tool, the Scholar will prove useful with his newfound knowledge in magic.

The skills of a Scholar-
Scholar's Knowledge ~ Icicle FallA basic ice attack taught to the Scholar, this skill was learned from observing Ice Fairies and their attacks. When this skill is used, the Scholar creates icicles around them and fires them, dealing fairly weak damage, but over a wide spread. This skill consumes 6 mana upon use, and will leave you open to attacks during its use. Keep in mind however that the skill leaves a blind spot directly in front of you. Perhaps this is what happens when you learn from playing on Easy Mode.
Scholar's Knowledge ~ Fire CannonA basic fire attack for the Scholar, this skill concentrates the power of mana into raw energy, and combusts this energy into a ball of fire. This ball of fire is then propelled with the power of mana towards where the scholar aims it. This is a moderately powerful skill, hitting only one target but with guaranteed knockback and is chargeable, consuming 8-12 mana depending on how long its charged for. Charging it for longer increases damage and knockback distance, but you're wide open to attack while preparing the fire ball.
Scholar's Knowledge ~ Lightning PulseA basic electric attack that the Scholar has learnt, this skill concentrates pure electrical energy into the palm of the Scholar, and allows him to fire a short-ranged electrical attack, which stuns most enemies for a good period of time. The skill itself is near instantaneous to prepare, and fairly powerful, and behaves strangely in its area of effect. If enemies are near the initial target, they may also be shocked by the lightning pulse and paralysed for a while. This skill is costly however, costing 20 mana per use, and increasing by 10% each time if used rapidly in succession.
Scholar's Redemption ~ Mana ShieldMagicians are physically weak, and the Scholar is no exception. To protect themselves from harm, Magicians have developed the skill of shielding one's self with mana, also known as Mana Shield. By using the power of Mana, the Scholar is able to channel physical damage (HP) into his mana supply, effectively turning his mana into a supply for more health. Not only does it convert the damage you've taken into mana drainage, it also reduces the damage significantly, this effect increasing as the Scholar becomes more wise in the usage of mana. This skill is able to be toggled on and off as needed, so you don't waste mana unnecessarily.

Graduation from the Magician Academy, a great dream. A dream that the Scholar has finally accomplished. With his enhanced skills in magic and full understanding of the concepts, the Magician is a lot more powerful than the Scholar. With powers almost comparable to a demi-god, the Magician has the powerful ability to manipulate the elements and mana itself. With his knowledge, the Magician can prove a powerful asset of the team, unleashing powerful AoE attacks upon their foes. While the Magician may have powers almost comparable to an elite, they still have a long way to go before reaching the power of a Sage.

The skills of a Magician-
Magician's Knowledge ~ Icicle Machine GunMagicians just love to learn from observing others. This skill is similar to Icicle Fall, but is more concentrated and powerful, and consumes 8 mana upon use, and unlike Icicle Fall, doesn't leave a blind spot in front of you.
Magician's Knowledge ~ Phoenix BlazeA fire-elemental attack not even comparable to the Scholar's Fire Cannon, Phoenix Blaze is a very powerful skill, but very costly, costing 35 mana to use. The user creates a fire entity above their head resembling a phoenix, and sends it down to any position he desires, dealing moderate fire damage on its path and exploding on impact with the ground, dealing heavy damage to everyone in the vicinity and blowing them all back. Truly a devastating skill, using the powers of fire to eliminate your foes.
Magician's Knowledge ~ Lightning ChainAn improved version of the Lightning Pulse, this attack was enhanced by Magicians to become more powerful. Similar in use and effect to the Lightning Pulse, this skill has greatly increased stun, range, damage, and also mana costs, costing 30 mana on the first use and increasing by 10% if used rapidly in succession.
Magician's Protection ~ Mana ShieldMerely an enhanced version of the Scholar's Mana Shield. Increased efficiency in how much HP the Magician's mana can replace, and reduced stun to the user.
Magician's Versatility ~ Magic FusionBeing a Magician is all about knowledge. While the Magician chooses to abolish use of his basic Scholar spells by themselves, by no means will he forget them entirely. This skill allows the Magician to fuse two Scholar spells of their choice into an attack, resulting in a more powerful attack with varying effects. (Effects will be described in a later section)
Magician's Forbidden Curse ~ Life DrainThe forbidden spell of the Magician class, this skill was outlawed in duels and competitions due to its dark potential. This is war however! Do whatever it takes to win! The Life Drain allows the user to use his mana to drain the life of his enemy, and can prove to be a lethal skill if used correctly. This skill can only be used while the user has less than maximum health, and will consume 3 mana per point of health healed, and also dealing this health regained as damage to the enemy. Truly a lethal skill, no wonder it is forbidden.

The Sorcerer is a step up from the Magician. The Sorcerer, with its powerful magic, is able to unleash devastating mutli-target hitting skills against their foes, striking fear- and electricity- into their hearts. After incomprehensible amounts of study, the Sorcerer is one step away from being the strongest type of Magician, with a near elite amount of knowledge of the magical arts. With such great efficiency when casting their spells, not only are their spells cheap and their damage high, their mana pool is exceptionally high, allowing for a large amount of magical attacks before their mana is depleted.

Sorcerer's Knowledge ~ HailstormPeople just can't come up with their own ice attacks can they? This skill allows the user to unleash a barrage of ice shards at every enemy in sight, dealing moderate damage, and it has a 40% chance of immobilising an enemy for one round. This skill is cheap and highly efficient, only costing 20 mana to use.
Sorcerer's Knowledge ~ PyroblazeA devastating fire attack, this skill allows the Sorcerer to dash towards any enemy they desire with the power of mana and punch them in the chest. This might not seem like much, but the Sorcerer infuses their fist with magic, unleashing a devastating explosion upon impact, heavily damaging any enemies adjacent to the target. This skill only costs 30 mana to use, but is stronger than Phoenix Blaze.
Sorcerer's Knowledge ~ Shocking DevastationFinally, a lightning attack with a larger area of effect. This skill allows the Sorcerer to conjure a lightning storm, which will strike 2/3 of all enemy troops on the field for extremely high damage, even more than Pyroblaze. This skill is expensive, costing 40 mana to use, but is guaranteed to paralyse those that it hits for 1-2 rounds. If an enemy is wearing metal, it has an increased chance of getting shocked, and wearing metal increases the duration of shock and the damage. If an enemy was stunned in the previous round, the chance of stun is reduced to 50%.
Sorcerer's Immunity ~ Mana ShieldThe enhanced version of Mana Shield for Sorcerers, this skill is even more devastating, being twice as efficient as the Magician's Mana Shield, and will damage the enemy attacking for 50% of his original damage.
Sorcerer's Versatility ~ Magic FusionSimilar in effect to the Magician's Magic Fusion, this skill uses 10% less mana and deals 40% more damage.
Sorcerer's Curse ~ Life DrainSimilar in effect to the Magician's Life Drain, this skill consumes 2 mana per point of health instead.
Sorcerer's Hidden Element ~ Darkness BeamThe Sorcerer has managed to tap into newfound knowledge into the Darkness element. This skill allows the Sorcerer to harness this element into a beam attack, and use it to attack his enemies. This beam is able to be aimed, worth up to 10 hits against 1 enemy or spread out across multiple enemies, each enemy in the path counting as a hit. This skill costs 55 mana to use AND 20 health points to use, but it is devastatingly powerful, and is good to set up for a Life Drain afterwards.
Undefinable Disbelief ~ Miracle FlightA bit late to the party, the Sorcerer has finished perfecting their powers of flight. This skill is more enhanced than the other classes and their versions of flight, only costing 20 mana per turn to use, and their mana gives them great maneuverablity, with a 70% chance to dodge any non-melee attack, and an immunity to melee attacks. When combined with mana shield, the user cannot be knocked down until all their mana is depleted or if they're hit by an extremely powerful attack, which will only knock them down at a 40% rate. All skills may be used during flight, but their mana costs are increased by 15%.

The Sage is the wisest of men; able to warp reality to their will thanks to the power of magic. With arcane spells under his robe, the Sage can take on any challenge he faces with a calm demeanour, knowing that his magic will never be matched by any other. His ability to take damage is exceptional, making you wonder why the magicians aren't the tanks of Rika. That is, until you meet a Beserker. But the Sage can still take care of that easily.

Sage's Knowledge ~ Cold SnapManipulating the weather, the sage can bring upon a new Ice Age to the battlefield. Affecting all targets, it does weak damage, but at the same time will cut all enemy damage in half for three turns. The weather lasts for three turns, repeating its damage each time until the weather dissipates. Cannot be reused if there's already a Cold Snap in effect. Costs a hefty 30 mana to use, but surely it's worth it.
Sage's Knowledge ~ Towering InfernoCalling upon pillars of fire to burst from the ground, the sage unleashes a devastating attack upon his opponents. Only a bit stronger than Pyroblaze on the initial attack, this skill lasts for an extra two turns afterwards, dealing 1/3 of initial damage on each target. Hitting up to four enemies at once, it's a fairly powerful move, costing 45 mana. Cannot be used while its secondary effect lingers on the battle field.
Sage's Knowledge ~ ElectricondemnationOpting for a single-target spell with devastating consequences, the Sage can harness his lightning ability to attack a single enemy. While it has a cooldown of two rounds, it deals intense damage to the enemy, paralysing them for three rounds. Stunlocking an enemy is possible with this skill, but with a mana cost of 80, is it really worth it?
Sage's Bastion ~ Mana BulwarkWhat do these words even mean ze~? The enhanced form of Mana Shield, this skill allows the Sage to cut ALL damage received by half, by redirecting it to his mana, regardless of any additional bonuses. All damage taken is redirected back to the attacker for full damage, and while Mana Bulwark is in effect, any status effects that would normally be inflicted are instead negated while dealing 20 damage to the Sage's mana.
Sage's Craftiness ~ Magic FusionInstead of fusing two of the Sage's beginner spells into a single attack, he combines three of the basic elements to form a completely new attack. Costs 30 mana to use, and can be divided among 5 enemies, or shared among any enemies of your choosing. Useful when you're out of ideas, or want to add a bit of flare into your attacks.
Sage's Pestilence ~ Life DrainBeing in touch with all frequencies of Rika now, the Sage can tap into the health of his enemies directly, draining them of their vitality. Four HP for every three points of mana consumed (0.75 MP/HP), the skill can turn out to be a powerful one. If the Sage fully heals himself, he can halve the HP gain and transfer it to a partner. While not an efficient healing skill, it still does good damage, so it's worth using in times of need.
Sage's Secret ~ Border of Dark and LightAlong with dark, comes light. Two sides of the same coin. One cannot be defined without knowledge of the other. That is why the Sage has unified the two as close as it's possible to, hanging on the border between the two. As thin as a spider's thread, the Sage can weave waves of light in between the enemies, before enhancing the thread of light with pulsing waves of darkness, escalating to levels never thought possible before the age of the sage. Costing an intense 100 mana AND 50 health, this skill heavily damages all opposing enemies, while permanently lowering their damage output by 15% for the duration of the battle. Has a cooldown of two turns, but the damage reduction does not stack.
Sage's Ascension ~ Spirit FlightEssentially the same as Miracle Flight, this skill costs 20 mana to use per round, granting invincibility to melee attacks and a 70% evasion rate to all other attacks. The sage cannot be brought down until all their mana is depleted, and if more than half his mana is wiped out in one hit, he is stunned for one turn, but no extra damage carries over to his health.
Sage's Connection ~ Mana of the LandWith escalating mana costs, even the greatest of mana pools will soon run dry. That is why the Sage has tapped into the mana wavelengths of the land around him. By sacrificing one turn, the sage can put himself in an extreme meditative state, cutting all damage done to him by a further 50% for the round, while recovering 25% of his mana. Has a cooldown of one turn, and mana shield is disabled for the turn afterwards. Cannot be used while in Spirit Flight.
Spirit Repercussion ~ Death of the MightyAs devastating as it may be, even a Sage may fall in battle. But he won't fall without taking his enemies with him. If the sage is taken out during his meditation connecting him to the mana of the land, he may come back to unleash one final devastating spell. Recovering full mana and becoming invincible for the round, the sage can cast any spell he desires, with triple the damage. After that is done, however, he finally falls, becoming unable to fight for the rest of the battle.

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)   Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 3:57 pm


The Ranger. Master of the bow and its qualities, master of arrows and their implementation into the battlefield, and the master of sharpshooting, the Ranger uses these skills to deliver a swift blow to their enemies from afar. With such precise accuracy, arrows that penetrate deep into the enemy, and the ability to attack from such a far range, Rangers can be deadly to those that it targets, and can easily change the tide of a battle. With the choice of either using a long bow for long-range and powerful attacks, or opting for a crossbow with easier mobility and perhaps deadlier accuracy, Rangers can easily bring victory to a team. Shall you be the one to do this?


The archer and his bow. A partnership that is soon to bring great things once the archer becomes more experienced. But until then, the Archer still has many things to learn and to experience with his bow. Precision may not be something he has mastered yet, but the Archer is still well disciplined enough to his his target 9 out of 10 times. Archers, while not as physically inept as magicians, are still vulnerable up close, so the archer wears light armour to strengthen their defence and still maintain mobility. Since physical combat is an archer's weakness, the archer makes up for it by being stealthy and stopping their targets before getting too close, and if the situation calls for it, they have a knife they can use as an emergency weapon. Even with his inexperience, an archer is still a lethal component of a team, and can swiftly take out enemies before they even know he's there.

The skills of an Archer-
Archer's Shot ~ Arrow ReleaseThe basic attack of the archer, this skill is used throughout an archer's career as their basic skill. Costing virtually nothing but an arrow, this skill can deal heavy or light damage depending on where it hits. This skill can miss however, and is more difficult to use against moving targets, and the archer is limited in movement unless the skill is used with a crossbow.
Archer's Surprise ~ Detonation ShotThe archer's multi-target skill, this skill lets the archer tie an explosive to the arrow and fire it, causing it to detonate upon impact and dealing damage to enemies in a 2 metre radius of the explosion, its power being more intense near the centre. This skill also has a chance to miss however, and if it does, it will detonate at where it hits, and can possibly hit allies as well. This skill uses 12 points of mana to load, and the archer cannot be hit while preparing, otherwise the explosive will detonate prematurely and deal damage to the archer and anyone nearby.
Archer's Precision ~ Piercing ShotA powerful precise attack for the archer, this skill can be deadly when used right. It allows the archer to use a high quality arrow and aim precisely at any point and fire. This skill has higher accuracy than others, and is not likely to miss unless the enemy dodges it. In addition, it can pierce through armour unlike regular arrow shots, and can leave a nasty wound in the enemy, dealing damage over time unless it is treated. The skill is costly however, using 18 mana per use, and taking longer to execute than regular shooting.
Archer's Last Resort ~ Knife AttackUp close and personal, the archer would be no match even to a mere fairy. That's why the archer always has a backup plan, which is what the Knife Attack skill is for. This skill is virtually costless, and it allows you to quickly use your knife to attack the enemy up close and hopefully finish them off. The attack is fast to use and handy, but it fails heavily against enemies with metal armour.

With increased skill, the Ranger has greater responsibility in the battlefield. With an increased accuracy, greater firing rate, higher power and overall more efficient performance, the Ranger is truly a step up from the Archer. Being able to fire arrows at an increased rate allows the Ranger to dominate against a large number of foes, or a single foe. With both implications in single target and multiple target conflicts, the Ranger is a versatile class recommended for any team to have.

The skills of a Ranger-
Ranger's Shot ~ Arrow ReleaseThe improved version of the archer's Arrow Release, this skill has increased accuracy, damage and speed compared to the archer's skill. Still a common move for the Ranger throughout his career, as it is the staple of his fighting style.
Ranger's Surprise ~ Detonation StrikeAn improved version of the Detonation Shot, not much has changed except for an increased explosion radius, increased power throughout the explosion and a slightly increased mana cost of 15.
Ranger's Precision ~ Piercing ArrowA more powerful version of Piercing Shot, with greater penetrating power, and the ability to immobilise an enemy if shot in the leg. Costs 20 mana to use.
Ranger's Last Resort ~ Knife SliceA stronger version of the Knife Attack. Not much to say.
Ranger's Recklessness ~ Arrow BlitzThe Ranger's answer to faster damage, this skill allows the Ranger to grab 5 arrows at once and fire them in rapid succession. Each shot after the first can be shot in nearly an instant, leading to this skill being deadly when used right. The skill isn't costly as it only takes 10 mana to use, but it's rather fast, meaning that this attack is easily spammable until the Ranger depletes his mana.
Ranger's Stealth ~ Assassin's ShotA passive skill for the Ranger, this skill activates when an enemy is shot without having noticed the Ranger. A 75% damage boost is awarded to the shot that strikes the enemy, and a headshot gets a 50% boost on top of that.

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The Warrior, skilled in the art of physical combat, they use their weapons to deal their damage. This class prefers to go up close to the enemy and give them a beating with their sword, mace, or whatever weapon suits them best. Their metal armour helps to protect them from other attacks, and their physical strength means they can still take a lot of hits. With such physical prowess, a warrior is an ideal class to send to the front lines of the battlefield. Taking down enemies with a swing of the sword, or perhaps multiple enemies with a larger two-handed sword, perhaps you could wield this strength yourself.



New in the way of the sword, the Swordsman uses their sword to attack their enemies, and their shield to defend themselves. With the ability to take strong attacks and dish them back, a Swordsman can prove useful to a team, despite his inexperience with combat. Being of the warrior class, a Swordsman has high vitality, strength and endurance, while having a low capacity for magical skills. Because of this, a Swordsman is more likely to be sent to the front of the battle field and would most likely be the best up close. With skills such as the ability to defend themselves greatly, the ability to unleash strong physical attacks and even to pass judgement with their blade, the swordsman has great potential to become the strongest in a battle.

The skills of a Swordsman-
Swordsman's Skill ~ ParryWhen being attacked, a warrior must be able to stop the enemy to be able to inflict their own blows. This is also true for the Swordsman, so he is taught a basic skill in doing this, the Parry. This skill is passive and has a 70% chance of activating on the first melee blow from an enemy and has a 30% to activate during a melee combo. When activated, the Swordsman stops the enemy's attack with their sword and stuns them, allowing for the Swordsman to retaliate with their own attacks.
Swordsman's Safeguard ~ DefensePerhaps one would want to prevent attacks at a more reliable rate, because attempting to parry may be too difficult for the situation. Luckily, with the shield he is armed with, a Swordsman may defend themselves and reduce damage to a minimum. This shield is also resistant against non-melee attacks such as arrows, basic magic and even the attacks from a rampaging dragon. This skill when activated, allows you to take a defensive stance and negate all these attacks, and can be a life saver when in a tough situation. However, the Swordsman is vulnerable from behind, and so care must be taken when using this skill.
Swordsman's Strength ~ ChargeThis skill allows the swordsman to use his shield as a weapon, charging ahead at ridiculous speeds and powerful strength to knock down his enemies and anyone in the way. Using 10 mana to execute, this skill can indeed be useful for breaking enemy formation and hurting multiple enemies in the process. Any enemies hit by the skill are knocked back and immobilised for 4 seconds, and the last target can be attacked with a sword at the same time for additional damage.
Swordsman's Finish ~ Judgement of the SwordThe ultimate skill for a Swordsman, this skill can only be used once the enemy is on the ground. Use the power of your sword to deliver a finishing blow to the enemy, and end their life with the judgement of your blade! Has a 40% chance of instantly killing any non-boss enemy, and otherwise will deal 70% of their remaining health as damage. This skill is costly however, using 30 mana to execute, but it is indeed a powerful skill.

With great power comes great responsibility. The Warrior is no exception, as once he has gone from being a mere swordsman to a mighty warrior, he must take greater responsibility for his own actions and the survival of his team mates. His increased strength and vitality are key to the Warrior's strengths, and his purpose is to defend others for justice. With enhanced skills and the ability to attack and distract enemies more easily, the Warrior makes an ideal target to put up front for other classes to feel safe.

The skills of a Warrior-
Warrior's Skill ~ ParrySimilar to the Swordsman's Parry, this skill is passive and has a 75% chance to activate on the first hit and a 35% chance during a combo.
Warrior's Safeguard ~ DefenseIdentical in function to the Swordsman's Defense skill.
Warrior's Strength ~ Power ChargeAn improved version of the Swordsman's Charge, this skill is stronger and makes you more resistant to enemy attacks during it. Consumes 13 mana upon use.
Warrior's Finish ~ Judgemental BladeSimilar to the Swordman's Judgement of the Sword, this skill can only be used while the enemy is down on the ground. A 50% chance of instantly killing any non-boss enemy, and if it fails, will deal 70% of the opponent's MAXIMUM health as damage. If used on a boss enemy, it has a 10% chance of cutting their health in half, and otherwise deals the damage of a normal attack. Costs 40 mana to use.
Warrior's Counter ~ ImbalanceA warrior isn't all about charging headfirst into battle. Sometimes a warrior can just take it easy and wait for the enemy to strike first. This is a passive skill activated when the warrior is attacked from the front by a melee attack while he stands still. It takes the posture of the opponent and uses it against him, the warrior uses quick judgement to find their weak spot and strike, dealing damage equal to his own damage plus the opponent's. This skill cannot be used twice in a row on the same enemy, as the enemy will notice what the warrior is doing and be more cautious.
Warrior's Confidence ~ TauntThis skill is a simple skill, designed to protect others by sacrificing yourself. This skill allows the user to draw the attention of enemies towards himself, by taunting them with mocking and name calling. A childish strategy, but it works well against any non-magician or boss enemy. This skill is able to be immediately followed by the defense skill, regardless of the enemies' speed.

Having earned the achievement of being knighted by the king, the Knight is experienced in combat techniques vital to the survival of him and the team. An army of twenty against a well experienced knight, and you'd be a fool not to bet on the knight coming out on top. With impenetrable defenses and unparalleled physical power, the Knight mows through all his enemies with an unstoppable and unrelenting force, leaving his opponents begging for mercy. Take caution when going into physical combat with a knight; 99 times out of a hundred, you'll lose before he even breaks a sweat.

Knight's Skill ~ Unforeseeable ParryAs you swing your own weapon against the knight, you feel the feeling of success, knowing that your first strike against him will be the last you'll get before he drops to the ground. On the contrary, you'd be lucky to get the hit before you drop down yourself. This is a powerful skill of the knight, allowing him to always negate the first physical attack he receives from an enemy, and negate 60% of attacks afterwards. Additionally, any magic or range based attacks that don't hit all enemies are negated at a 50% rate. Truly a skill that's not to be messed with, as he can bring your own power down to naught.
Knight's Safeguard ~ DefenseWith the Knight's strong armour and powerful shield, the Knight's defensive skills escalate to a level never before seen. When this skill is active, ALL attacks are negated heavily; if any get past his parrying ability, they'll suffer a 90% damage cut, regardless of attack type, and no status condition can affect him. As a downside, however, the knight cannot attack or use most skills during his defensive stance. Alternatively, when this skill is NOT active, all damage received is cut by 40%, and he has a 60% chance of negating status conditions.
Knight's Strength ~ Power AssaultA nifty attack the Knight remembers from his novice days; serving his multi-target attacks well. With renewed vigor, the Knight can charge through his enemies, knocking back all those who oppose him with a strong force, while colliding with the target with an even greater one. All enemies in his path will suffer 100% attack damage from the knight, while the target will face 300% of it. Costing only 20 mana to use, it's a fairly powerful skill that still serves the knight to this day.
Knight's Finish ~ Judgement of your CarcassWith official Knight status from the king, use your blade to vanquish your foes! This skill can be used regardless of whether the enemy is upright or down on the ground begging for mercy. A 65% chance of slaying any non-boss enemy instantly, and cutting away 75% of the opponent's MAXIMUM health if it fails, although if they were to die from this, they'll be left with 1 HP. If used against a boss enemy, it has a 40% chance of cutting their current health in half, and otherwise deals double the damage of a regular attack. However, recognising all this, it cannot be used in the first round of battle. Using up 50 mana, it's a skill best saved for those important moments in a battle.
Knight's Counter ~ Imbalance-Seeking StrikeSimilar to the Warrior's Imbalance, this skill allows the knight to take a defensive stance and counter any attack that lands on him, dealing damage equal to the attack plus his own. This even applies to projectile-based attacks, allowing him to deflect it back to a a random target while adding half of his own damage to the attack. Once again, however, it cannot be used twice in a row on the same enemy, as they'll be able to counteract your counter. Perhaps it's best to take a simple defensive stance afterwards.
Knight's Pluck ~ TauntSacrificing yourself for your fellow teammates, you draw the attention of them, leading all attacks to you. Works against any non-boss enemy, it lures them into attacking you, allowing you to take the hits for your friends. This isn't as suicidal as it seems, as this skill can be immediately followed by either the Defense skill or Imbalance-Seeking Strike, almost ensuring your safety as you do this.
Knight's Vengeance ~ Retribution of the DamnedA Knight seeks to protect his friends in battle. If the Knight cannot do this, what purpose does he have? Slashing at the enemies until they're left as a pile of flesh and bones? That's basically right. For every attack a teammate is hit for, the knight's power increases, boosting his damage by 5 points for each hit they take up to a maximum of +100. If a friend is slain, that's when it gets bad, because for each partner of the Knight slain in battle, the knight gets a 12.5% bonus to his damage output up to a maximum of 50% extra damage. This is a reason why a knight with support is more dangerous than the whole team itself.
Knight's Anger ~ Beast SlashGetting a bit annoyed at the enemies, the Knight doesn't want to hold back any more, and is ready to take them down. This skill, when executed, embodies the power of a random beast, providing the knight with a powerful attack along with various effects. If the lion is chosen, the skill does 500% base damage. If the crocodile is chosen, the skill does 400% damage and guarantees stun for the round. If the bear is chosen, the skill does 450% damage, offers invincibility, then deals another 450% damage to the same enemy on the next round for no extra cost, but the invincibility dissipates. If the Wolf is chosen, then the initial attack deals 600% to the target, then a pack of astral wolves ravages the entire team for 400% damage. Costs a heavy 65 mana to use, but its effects are unparalleled. The lion has a 50% chance, the crocodile has a 25% chance, the bear has a 15% chance and the wolf has a 10% chance

Filled with the raw strength of a hundred men, the Berserker is not something to take lightly. With intense power, immense resistance, and a massive two-handed sword held in one hand as though it were a toothpick, he can bring down any enemy with ease. You thought the Sage's resisting abilities were great? The berserker can take a lot more damage without the need to recover himself, and doesn't even use his vitality to attack. So while the Sage will be knocking down his own mana to his very death, the Berserker can keep on tanking while dishing out powerful blows which will wipe out his enemies one by one.

Berserker's Irrepressible Immunity ~ Parry of SilencingWhile you might think the Berserker is a raging uncontrolled sack of fury with no regard for self-preservation, you'd be wrong. With the Berserker's parrying abilities, he's on a whole different level than a knight. So long as the Berserker isn't stunned, ALL physical and ranged attacks are negated, dealing no damage to him, while any projectile-based magic or special attacks are negated at a 70% rate. This isn't much of a parry as it is blind immunity. If he is stunned, however, all attacks will hit him as usual. Any attack that stuns, regardless of initial stun duration, will only stun for one turn, but 25 mana will be drained. This skill will also be disabled if the Berserker has less than 20 mana. Something to keep in mind when facing such an unstoppable force.
Berserker's Imperishable Safeguard ~ Defense of the StrongThis skill becomes second-nature to the Berserker; he doesn't even need to focus on defending himself any more, it comes naturally. A passive skill which cuts all received damage by 60%. As if his Parry of Silencing wasn't enough.
Berserk Fury ~ AssaultHaving tossed his shield for a stronger weapon, the Berserker has gained immense power. It allows him to slash at up to four enemies at once, dealing 200% damage to each of them as he swings his two-handed sword across the field. This skill costs him 35 mana however.
Enraged Finishing Move ~ Judgemental ExecutionThis skill is a few steps up from any other skill the knight once knew. The Berserker, when brought under 50% health, can use this skill along with 65 mana to instantly slay any enemy with a 100% chance. If used against a boss enemy however, will bring their health down by half at a 60% rate, or deal 300% damage otherwise. It can only be used once under 50%, but if the Berserker is brought under 25% HP, he may use it again if his mana allows him to.
Berserker's Shattering Defense ~ Achilles' HeelAll things must have a weakness to them, otherwise the Berserker would become a living god. The impenetrable defence of a Berserker comes from his armour; take that away, and the Berserker is more vulnerable. Although that has a flip-side to it. When the Berserker is brought under 60% health, his defensive power from his Imperishable Safeguard drops to 50%, and if under 40% health, it drops to 40% protection. As his armour breaks apart, not only does his defence wear away, but his mobility becomes better. Once under 30% health, the berserker gains the ability to attack twice per round. Definitely something that's to be feared once you have the Berserker at the boundary of its defeat. The cornered rat will bite the cat as they say.
Confidence ~ TauntSimilar to the Taunt skill the Berserker has used earlier, this skill lures ALL single-target attacks towards yourself. This skill can be directly followed by an attack, or two if the Berserker is under 30% health.
Berserk Rage ~ Revenge of the FallenThe Berserker's major purpose is to take the hits for his partners while demolishing the opponents. Seeing the ones you're entitled to protect fall in battle just rustles your jimmies. For every partner that has fallen in battle, the Berserker gains an extra 25 raw damage to his attacks along with a 15% overall damage bonus, capping at +150 damage and +90% damage. This blind rage, however, will slowly drain his mana, losing 5% of his current mana for each teammate that has fallen.
Embodiment of Destruction ~ Raging Soul of a DeityThe Berserker has no patience for his enemies as they continue to beat down against him and his partners. With a slash of his sword, he can call upon the power of gods and deities to assist him in a powerful attack. The power of Sekhmet, a warrior goddess with the head of a lioness, will deal 700% damage to a single target. The power of Kundalini, gives the warrior the ability to manipulate the unconscious force within their enemy, manipulating it to hinder them. It deals 450% damage and guarantees stun for the round. Calling upon the power of Shiva gives the Beserker a chance to deal 500% damage to a single target, gain temporary invincibility, then attack again in the next round for 500% damage again. If the Berserker is lucky enough, he may receive the favour of Fenrir, calling upon him and an army of spirit wolves. The initial target will take 1400% damage, while everyone else takes 500% damage. Costing a brutal 150 mana, the berserker is unlikely to use it except in dire emergencies. However, if the berserker has under 150 mana, he may sacrifice all his mana and sacrifice triple the remainder from his HP. Sekhmet is a 40% chance, Kundalini a 25% chance, Shiva has a 20% chance and Fenrir has a 15% chance.
Vitality-Deficient MadnessThe percentage of health missing from the Berserker is divided by 5 then added to his attack power, offering nearly +20% additional damage at the lowest possible health.
Berserk RetaliationIf the Berserker is under 10% health and has no mana remaining, the Berserker can experience raging madness, as he tosses his two-handed sword like a boomerang, slicing by all his enemies for 800% damage each. However, by doing this, all his defence disappears, leaving him to the mercy of his foes.

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Mechanics of Gameplay

To be written.

But for now, I'll add this.
BLEED STATUS- Causes you to bleed for a few turns. 10% of your remaining health is dealt to you as damage at the end of the first round of bleeding, 10% of what's remaining is then dealt to your health the next round, then 5% on the next round. Bleeding ends after that.
If the bleed status is afflicted again, it overrides the previous bleed. Can stack with status effects such as poison.

SUMMONS- Once special characters are obtained (No Mantai, Equius and RipClaw won't count for this. Well, maybe RipClaw if you really want lol), you can call upon them once per battle to perform a spectacular attack. One at a time, a team attack between you and the summon, or an entire group attack from multiple summon partners at once, whatever you want. The way the attack is performed and by who is purely aesthetic. When a summon is used, the player using the summon cannot perform any skills of their own for the round (It counts as a non-class-specific skill use). Single-target only. The skill can only be used when the user has 50% or less of their total mana OR after the third round, and it consumes 25% of their max mana. Damage is determined by a formula (to be written), based off of level and mana consumption.

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Class Equipment at the beginning

Apprentice Dragon Lord - Book on Dragon Lord knowledge (useless in combat, but must be carried at all times) and Longsword
Scholar - Spellbook
Archer - Long Bow, Quiver and Dagger
Swordsman - Shield and a broadsword
Ninja - Ninja Blade
Cleric - Healer's Staff
Performer - Any Instrument
Starter Alchemist - Alchemical Book, Slingshot and Potion Concoction Kit
Trainee Beastlord - Bare hands.

Feel free to personalise these items as you wish, as they'll be used in your application.

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Experience Chart
Based off the rule K = 3x1.15((L-1)/0.995^L)+0.8L
K = Kills needed for that level
L = That level

Level 5 - Beginner to Intermediate
Level 10 - Intermediate to Advanced
Level 15 - Advanced to Elite
Level 15+ - Significantly Increased stat gain.

Starting stats for the classes-

Dragon LordMagicianRangerWarriorAssassinHealerBardAlchemistBeast Lord
Endurance (HP)175130155185145135155160165
Intellect (MP)145190165135175185165160155
I've decided, fuck the other stats, I'll make you deal whatever damage I feel like. Within reason of course.

Stat gain for becoming a particular level.
LevelDragon Lord Magician Ranger Warrior Assassin HealerBardAlchemistBeast Lord
2~4 +3 HP +3 MP +1 HP +5 MP +2 HP +4 MP +5 HP +1 MP +4 HP +2 MP +2 HP +4 MP+3 HP +3 MP+3 HP +3 MP
5 +12 HP +8 MP +5 HP + 15 MP +10 HP +10 MP +18 HP +2 MP +9 HP +11 MP +7 HP +13 MP+8 HP +12 MP+10 HP +10 MP
6~9 +4 HP +2 MP +1 HP +5 MP +3 HP +3 MP +5 HP +1 MP +2 HP +4 MP +2 HP + 4MP+2 HP +4 MP +3 HP +3 MP
10 +16 HP +12 MP +8 HP +20 MP +13 HP +15 MP +24 HP +4 MP +17 HP +11 MP +12 HP +16 MP+15 HP +13 MP+14 HP +14MP
11~14 +4 HP +3 MP +2 HP +5 MP +4 HP +3 MP +6 HP +1 MP +3 HP +4 MP +3 HP +4 MP+3 HP +4 MP+3 HP +4 MP
15 +18 HP + 14 MP +12 HP +20 MP +15 HP +17 MP +28 HP +4 MP +14 HP +18 MP +10 HP +22 MP+15 HP +17 MP+18 HP +14 MP
16~19 +8 HP +6 MP +4 HP +10 MP +7 HP +7 MP +12 HP +2 MP +5 HP +9 MP +5 HP +9 MP+6 HP +8 MP+7 HP +7 MP
20 +8 HP +16 MP +4 HP + 20 MP +11 HP +13 MP +22 HP +2 MP +6 HP +18 MP +10 HP +14 MP+10 HP +14 MP+12 HP +12 MP
21~24 +10 HP +7 MP +2 HP + 15 MP +8 HP +9 MP +15 HP +2 MP +6 HP +11 MP +2 HP +15 MP+8 HP +9 MP+9 HP +8 MP
25 +18 HP +14 MP +2 HP + 30 MP +12 HP +20 MP +26 HP +6 MP +13 HP +19 MP +2 HP +30 MP+12 HP +20 MP+14 HP +18 MP

Upon levelling up, if a battle is to follow directly afterwards, after the stat boost is applied, the deficit hp and mp is divided by half.
(e.g. Level up from 1 to 2, with 125 hp at the time as a DLord. 128/178, the difference (50) is divided by two, leaving 153 hp after the level up.)
Decimal values are rounded down.

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I've managed to come up with reasonable damage calculations for some of the attacks so far. Derp.
Note: All rounding is using the floor value, i.e. rounding down.

Flame Shot/Wave/E. Breath/Y
Damage = ( 2(L) + 22 + Random(1~5) ) x Rank

Damage is the damage dealt obviously
L is the level
Random(1~5) is a random number between 1 and 5
Rank is the Class Rank multiplier. Apprentice is 1, DL is 1.5, Arch DL is 2, and Elite DL is 3.

Damage = ( M + ( L / 3 )2 ) x 3

Damage is still damage
M is mana used (25% of max mana)
L is level

More to come.

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Last reservation.
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Assassins, They are truly skillful, fast, and deadly. They can be quite fearsome but this time, you get to be one. Learn the nimble ways of the Assassin as you journey on, New One. If you do choose to be one, Learn Fearsome skills and attack fear in the heart's of your enemies! You can be a tree! or a rock! Just come to your senses and be what you wanna be, Carry a dagger and stab your foes! That is the true way of the Assassin, So.. After hearing all that, Would volunteer to be one?

Beginner IntermediateAdvanced Elite
NinjaAssassin Night Walker Stealth Master

A Ninja is swift, they being their training from their master. This form of class is more elegantly swift and deadly. They use their weapons properly and sure to hit very accurate. They wield the power of an Assassin, but not yet, Using Smoke and Tricks are their specialty. Honor and Trust will be needed for a Ninja but when they reach their Rank of Assassin, you need self pride to esteem your own power.

The skills of a Ninja-
Ninja's Force ~ Shadow Kick A decisively sneaky attack, The User blends himself into the Shadow and begins to rapidly kick the opponent from any side until the time limit of 2 minutes. It uses 10 Mana even if you're paralyzed.
Deadly Strike ~ Ninja Blade The Ninja quickly runs and wields his blade to find a weak spot to strike on, He uses A clear accurate eye to spot his enemies, if lucky the Ninja can give his foes 2 hits of his mighty slashing skills, it's a strong move to use but causes 11 mana which is quite wasteful.
Ninja Tactics ~ Smoke Cover When the Ninja finds out he's been outnumbered, he quickly hides himself in a cloud of smoke to cover up his traces, He can increase 50% haste and dodge when he's in the smoke. Best used after Shadow Kick, It's another tricky move from Ninja and is very useful when fighting accurate monsters in battle, But if fails, the Ninja loses 20% of his Endurance , and this tricky move cost 30 mana.
Ninja's Kill ~ Blackout As a Ninja, you should know how to hide above, As you are hiding, you prepare your Blade for a bloody strike on your opponent from above, this enable your Tactic FOCUSED around yourself, this move costs 50 mp when using this.

Take the more difficult way in your skills as a Ninja, as you've been ranked as an Assassin, Getting Rank will make you grand royal to all, But Beware, the Stronger you are the more stronger enemies you have, Your skills have multiplied alot lately, So being an Assassin gives you better sight of things to do than training to be a weak, powerless Ninja. An Assassin always have another weapon at their disposal, so this gives the Assassin a better advantage when doing a failed sneak attack at the opposing enemy. With you around, Your Allies will be grateful to you that You have become an Assassin to their aid in battle.

The skills of an Assassin-
Assassin's Force ~ Assurance A great attack dealing with heavy opponents, This move allows the user to attack multiple hits around the opponent to weaken their force around their body to slightly get a chance to strike with an epic 110% damage attack on your foe. Used Carefully after hiding yourself in the background or blinding your opponent while your in contact, This moves require great skill, courage , modesty and mana of course! This move will be a great source, but it costs 25 mana to execute in battle.
Deadly Strike ~ Iron Puncture Grab your weapon and stab vital veins of your opponent to stop his flowing of blood to paralyze him for 3 minutes, Your weapon might stick to your opponent giving him BLEED status, but it has a 20% chance it will, This skill requires a lot of Talent and you can't use it in the first turn because you will stumble making you waste your Mana on nothing, A true Assassin should already know that by know, but since your still new, make the best of it, Fellow Assassin.
Assassin Tactics ~ Background Blend As an Assassin, Background Blending is important in your career as one, Doing that gets you the advantage of striking accurately during battle, It gives you 60% Dodge and 20% Dexterity to yourself. This is best used at times of need when fighting a tricky monsters like Goblins, This move is impressive and smart, but it cost you 40 mana for the best of it.
Assassin's Kill ~ Glazed Tornado As an Assassin, you should know how to create tornado's with your weapon, you grab your giant glaive and spin it around clock wisely, You're a master of Wind, of course you should know how to make one, That's why, this move consumes 50% of your mana during the effect, this move can be used when using Background Blend effect in battle.
Assassin's Movement ~ Shadow Walk This move allows you to be untouched for 3 minutes, This move reduces 70% of your Accuracy until the time is up, You can sneak up from Behind and do anything attack, just remember not to do Background Blend at the same time because it will cancel this move at the same time,
Assassin Wisdom ~ Keen Pierce This passive skill will lock on your enemies weak point and give FOCUSED status to all, if you strike with FOCUSED you can give BLEED status as well.

Night Walker-
A Night Walker, is more like an A.N.B.U assassin, they have no traces found, no clues, they attack with silence, like in a library they don't talk, they never talk, only actions can be understand, if he stares at you for a while you know he's going to kill you in one slash, but instead he insists you learn the ways of the Night Walker since your an Assassin, you've been offered a high rank, An upgrade on everything you've learn, a more hard way, and a difficult path awaits you, That Mysterious Night Walker says you must, or he'll kill you, Do you agree now?

The Skills of a Night Walker-
Shadow Force ~ Purification Slash Engulf your weapon with Dark holiness from the shadow as you begin to form a strange pattern concerning an upside down star to charge up your weapon with evil, you deal both Light and Darkness damage at the same time it's strong enough to knock down the strongest of Demons. This Holy or Unholy move executes 25 of your mana.
Deadly Strike ~ Midnight Blade Wanna just kill your enemies and move on? Well this skill is for you! You engulf yourself with the shadow, together as one, Your Weapon cannot be seen during the battle but it is being held at your palm, at a certain point, you stab your opponents right in the heart to kill them in 1 hit, this has 70% of Killing Non-Boss units as it executes 30% of your HP.
Midnight Tactics ~ Impaling Shadows As a Night Walker, you should be able to control your own shadows as well as turning it into a sharp jagged spear that can impale your enemies, This Move has 40% chance of missing and cost of 40 mana.
Night Walker Kill ~ Shadow of Evil You go crazy with your shadow and you accidentally turned it into a horrifying demon that can assail your foes with PERISH status, a PERISH status, makes your opponent die at 5 minutes, but you can only use it on one enemy, This move will likely consume 60% of your mana and 30% of your HP at cost.
Midnight Movement ~ Magnetic Shift You increase your dodge and endurance to 40% engulfing yourself with a strong magnetic field, however, it has a few side effects, the player will receive PARALYZED and cannot attack at a 60% radius, this powerful defense movement will cost you 50% of your mana to execute, But hey, at lease your untouched.
Night Intellect ~ Eye of Homunculus You've been transplanted an eye of a demon called a Homunculus, so this is the reason you've been wearing a hood with a glowing red eye... oh... that's it.. This passive skills enables you to add 20% accuracy in your attacks to boost your deadly attacks in a climax.
Death Fury ~ Circle of Daggers You toss your Daggers in the sky to prepare your arms for a barrage of dagger throwing at your enemies, but that's not just it, The Daggers has been engulfed by the Darkness inside your Fury so you can release your ultimate feelings to blood, This move can STUN an opponent by 20%, This move costs 10% of your HP and 15% of your MP.
Elemental Attack ~ Primary Shoot Holding your hand in the sky gives you the power of Fire , Lightning and Water at the same time, You charge it with your own shadow attack to turn it into a pistol like hand shooting bullet like energy, Each Shot can give effects like BURN has 10% of happening, STUN can happen at 15% while SOAKED is useful because it has 25% chance of happening, doing a Lightning attack when SOAKED status is on the enemy can Triple the damage of your attack. This move costs 75 mana.

Stealth Master-
A Stealth Master, Such a Professional, he gives 100% no sound. He'll kill you in a second, but he gives you a second chance, Night Walker.
As a professional himself, He wants a partner, a student, or whatever, He'll teach you the ways of the Stealth Master, the highest rank of Assassin. Be able to learn Killer moves during the training. So, You've turn into one... Then Let's Start!

The skill of a Stealth Master-
Shadow Force ~ Tainted Slash Focus on a body organ of a target, then strike it with all your might with attacks x 3. The first slash will have a small effect, the second slash will have a medium effect on the body organ, then the third slash will have a high standard of injuring your opponent damaging his organ for a few turns, also your foe will receive BLEED effect which can last for 3 turns. This move will cost you 40 mana.
Deadly Control ~ Swift Shadow Control a monster making them not attack for a single turn, Your Shadow might drain 30% of the damage about to be done by the Attacker when ever he attacks you, You cannot attack since you are controlling your foe, your even might protect you will you control the Shadow of your foe. This move will cost you 45 mana.
Overshadow Shield ~ Protecting Shadows Protect your entire party by covering them with a shadow, The shadow will last for 500 Damage, all except for your shadow who can last for 250 Damage. Your parties damage will be lowered by 10% since your Shadow is in the way. It will cost you 37 mana. -Extra- While your Shadow is on you cannot take any damaging status like BLEED, BURN and STUN. (Psstt... Your party can still be affected by those STATUS but you.. Noooooooooooooooo.)
Stealth Tactics ~ Shadow Suppresion You control your shadow to Blend yourself with the background, then you receive STEALTH status, (BTW, When ever you use Shadow Suppresion, Your second turn due to the enhancement still works, You have STEALTH status and can still attack while being STEALTHY.) Whenever you get attack you dodge 85% of the damage, except for AoE attacks where you dodge 40% of the damage. In the next turn, you attack the enemy in the back by 35%. 50 mana.
Finger Shot ~ Darkness Engulfment You charge up your finger engulfing it with Blue Darkness. Then you fire it as an AoE attack to all your foes. The darkness burns up your foe it's probably because it has 1/3 Fire in the element, this will drain 20% of your Enemies mana. This will cost you 70 mana.
Night of the Blood Moon ~ Vengeance Strike With your 4 shadow tendrils, you strike your opponent with all 4 shadow tendrils together, after you pluck out the tendrils out of your foe, you suddenly remove your shadow tendrils all together giving the agonizing pain your foe deserves.This will activate VENGEANCE mode for 3 turns, the Vengeance of killing other enemies will extremely strong, after this attack is done, You will receive a STUN for a single turn. This will cost you 150 mana.

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The healer - an essential person in anyone's party. Ask any fighter who's been fighting for more than a week - if they didn't have a healer in their party, they would have perished. Healers can heal themselves and others when the moment of doom comes (provided they have enough MP), effectively saving their teammate's (and sometimes their own) heinies. Plus, they can attack pretty well! So will you become a healer and fill you and your teammates' lives with awesomeness? It is your choice.

BeginnerIntermediate Advanced Elite
ClericHealerLight Master Angel

Clerics are fairly inexperienced and lack the precision expert Healers have, but regardless are awesome. However, due to their lack of precision and inexperience, their healing magic may backfire on the user and their teammates. Nevertheless, they can heal good amounts of health, and even give you back some mana. But their huge amount of mana, especially for just a beginner class, is what truly sets them apart from the rest.

Cleric's Spell ~ Heal Wounds An attack even the most inexperienced of healers know well - the healing technique. It costs 10 MP. However, if the user does not focus hard enough, the healing power backfires and heals the opponent instead. It heals about 20HP.
Cleric's Defense ~ Soul Shield The cleric can take the health of their teammates and use it to create a weak shield around them. However, the shield will be broken when it takes more than 250 damage. After three turns, it can be summoned again, but it will take significantly less damage to break.
Cleric's Luck ~ Draining Hit The cleric attacks the opponent using their staff. If the opponent gets wounded or cut or hurt just a little bit, the cleric can use their staff to heal their teammates. 25MP, no refunds
Cleric's Rage ~ Evil Mode Every Healer possesses a little evil streak inside them, and they sometimes let it show. When your cleric uses this skill, the cleric will go mad with rage and take up 90 percent of their HP and MP to summon a beam of lightning to strike their opponent. This skill is very powerful, but has a big chance of missing.

Congratulations! You have became a healer! Although not as strong as an Angel, Healers are already pretty strong. Not only do they have improved defense, they also have better offence. Their healing is epic too!
Healer's Spell ~ Heal Gashes An improved version of the Clerics-only spell, this spell heals 50HP and costs 15MP. It will also backfire if the user does not focus enough, but not backfire as badly - instead only healing the opponent for 15HP.
Healer's Sacrifice ~ Health Transfer The healer transfers a portion of their health to one of their teammates to heal them. 15MP. When the healer uses this, they will become vulnerable for two rounds and will take 10 more damage than usual when hit.
Healer's Stealth ~ Health Steal Now, the healer doesn't rely on luck - the healer relies on their own power. The healer attempts to distract the opponent with a fake bolt of lightning that does not deal any damage at all, and then truly attacks the opponent when the opponent is distracted and gives the opponent's health to their teammates. However, the opponent may be unfazed by the fake bolt of lightning and attack the healer. 25MP
Last Resort ~ Full Sacrifice The healer uses up all their HP and MP to create an attack that attacks all the opponent's weaknesses and heals the rest of the teammates. However, if the attack misses, the opponent gains a small amount of HP and MP.
Healer's Offense ~ Health Blast The healer attacks the opponent with blasts of HP coming from themselves. 5HP each blast, 20MP Healer's Defense ~ Health Bubble [/td [td] The healer uses 20HP to create an unbreakable bubble around a teammate of their choice. It breaks after three turns. 30MP

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Being a Bard, requires being one with the music, and controlling it in battle. You can form your notes into sonic booms that assail your enemy with love, determination or fear. A Bard is fearsome, compassionate, they express their feelings by song in battle. They cheer other allies to motivate them in battle, help them by cheering them up with your loving music. So a Bard is lovely, elegant and sweet. This class is very useful to other people, so... will you help them by being a Bard?

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Elite
Performer Bard Audio Knight Musical Master

Before you become a Bard, you lived a life of performing on streets , stages , everywhere. You attracted the hearts of many people in a single glance , now you step in battle with monsters, you control the force of the sound around you, you can make sonic booms and confusing attacks. A Bard is another class that has group boost abilities like Sound Chime.

Performer's Trickery ~ Charm Attract Female types to you to distract them in two minutes, while they are attracted you cannot attack, so depend on your team mates to attack your foes, Costs 10 mana.
Performer's Defectiveness ~ Sonic Note This attack concentrates on a note with much sound effects to assail your foe with loud volume'd sound around you opponent, this can cause a deduction of 10% endurance to your opponent but this skill costs 16 mana in total.
Performer's Assistance ~ Healing Sound You heal your allies with your tuning soft note, your allies will have regenerative status that last for 1 minute, each 3 hp costs 3 mana , If possible it might restore mana also. This is highly recommended when fighting Life Drainers such as Vampires.
Sound Defense ~ Audio Shield You shield yourself with a strong sound wave surrounding yourself with a force field, but take highly noted that you can't control your powers well so that means when you try to attack in the force field your attacks will rebound in the force field very known to attack you at a distance, This shield lasts for 30 seconds, and it costs 30 mana.

A long wave of fighting Monsters have paid you of! Now that you have been Promoted to Bard! A Bard is skillful , and talented, Because of this alot of women has been sexually attracted to you! (Assassin: Really?) No '^'. A Bard can use his Music to encourage and help allies in battle, Their soothing note can put monsters to sleep! They can even heal! (Healer: Now i feel useless..) , They can also attack with magic at times! Well, It's time for you to learn their skills now!

The skills of a Bard-
Bard's Trickery ~ Confusion Note You decisively play a weird tone that belongs to a group of Illusionists in battle, This Note can make an illusion to confuse their enemies thinking that their enemies are beside them, making them do false attacks, however, this can have 50% chance of CONFUSION state, if failed, it will be just be a normal Sonic Note attack instead, this skill executes 40 of your mana.
Bard's Defectiveness ~ Sonic Wave Play a barrage of Sonic Notes to increase the power , this is much stronger than the last version, The power can be tripled if the opponent is on the ground, This Strong move uses 45 of your MP.
Bard's Assistance ~ Sound Chime You emit a soothing sound of a chime, to recover a certain ally's HP and MP in a 50% recovering heal! If lucky, You might give REGENERATION status to yourself that lasts 4 turns! Each Regenerative Heal will give 5% of your HP, This will execute 64 mana.
Sound Defense ~ Audio Wall You're improvement on your music has paid off, because you were able to upgrade your shield to a group skill! You create a large wall made out of Sounds that you emit from your instrument, This will add 50% endurance to your allies for a 2 turn radius, it will consume 50 of your mana, This is best used when your Allies are at a low health.
Audio Radiation ~ Toxic Sound You make another weird tune from observing the Venomancers, This tune will give toxication your enemies in battle, this TOXIC effect will last 3 turns, each HP Decrease will be a 3% hit, This Toxic Use costs 46 of your mana.
Bard's Spirit ~ Final Shout As you been raged in battle, You let out your Roar to boost your attack to a 30% STRENGTH radius increase, Note, This will be only used when your HP is at 40% now, This will execute 70 of your mana.

Audio Knight
You had become used to all kinds of music, thus become of you is an Audio Knight. With your experience with music, you form it with any kind of Reason to use it. Your skills has been upgraded, instead of Defense and Assistance kind of nonsense, each skill will be labeled as a Genre, and Bam, You are the Ultimate Audio Knight.

The Skills of an Audio Knight-
Metal ~ Sonic Boom You strike your Instrument with the highest tune possible, and explode your opponents. 35% Stun to the opponent.
Pop ~ Follow Me. This will lure your opponents to you, and confuses them to follow your actions. If you hit an enemy, they will also strike at the enemy, except for the one that's being hit.
Love ~ Smooth Burn Healing your group for an amount of 75-90 HP, then Burns you're opponent but in exchange of 20 hp.
Rock ~ Anarchy Wall Stronger version of the Audio Wall. Blocks 30% of damage done to your party and add's BERSERK status to your party.
Techno ~ Laser Beam Charge for 1 turn, and fire a Laser Beam from your record for about 20-40 damage. It will affect the whole opponent's party and give them BURNED status.
Rap ~ Trash Talk Make's the opponent attack you and only you , and add's 40% more Defense to you. Last's for 2 turns.
Classic ~ Boost Every skill that you use, add's +2 Health to all Teammates. This is a passive skill.
Dubstep ~ Bass Drop Ultimate Technique, cannot use if you haven't used Sonic Boom 3 times. This will remove 30% of your Health. It forms a Giant Bass being held by a Giant Dubstep fan dropping it on to your opponents. Whole Enemy Party get's hit. The Audio Knight cannot attack for 2 turns.

Musical Master
The final upgrade, The Maestro of Music, The Ego of all Ages. The Musical Master, you lead your music as elegant as a swan, yet sloppy as a turtle. Vice Versa. You have been tutored by Bach, Mozart and other Great Musicians by the Great Music Spirit. Now you are the best, at music. Epic Boost time? Yeah!

The Skills of a Musical Master-
Metal ~ Shadow Volt Unleash a Dark lightning onto your opponent using the Shredding on your Guitar. Epic 100% Damage and can give 45% Stun.
Pop ~ Thriller With the aid to your dancing. You summon Zombies to drain HP from opponents to you. Cost's 50 mana.
Hip Hop ~ Tornado Spin Spin yourself moves in Dancing while listening to the beat, and deal an AoE attack to opponents. Cannot attack for 1 turn afterwards.
Jazz ~ Sound Blast You blow your hardest onto your Horn and blast your opponents to make them not Attack for 1 turn.
Love ~ Never Mind You drain some of your opponents HP and transfer it to your Group. Then You will be Silenced for 2 turns while you're allies get REGENERATION buff.
Rock ~ Anarchy Group A band of people wearing Dark Costumes who appear to be ghosts, form a huge barrier in front of your party. The wall will last for 15 hits but decreases your party's damage due to the suffering of the ghosts.
Techno ~ Robot Army Call upon an army of robots to fire a huge laser beam to your opponents party. The longer the blast the more mana you spend.
Rap ~ Kanye's Rap You call upon Kanye West, a summoned unit, who Trash Talks your opponents for them to attack him. He can last for 7 hits.
Classic ~ Beethoven's Luck For every hit you take, you receive +3 damage and your party receives +3 Defense.
Dubstep ~ Electrical Chaos You must do Shadow Volt 5 times. You attack your enemy's party for 3 times. 5x Stronger than Shadow Volt, it will surely eliminate your enemies for an exchange for 70% Mana and 70% Health.

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An Alchemist, a battle potion expert needed against a horde of horrifying demons. Don't worry, you won't regret being one, as you learn the Reconstruction and Deconstructing ways, or the simple potions when your a beginner, when you reach a State Rank, you'll be able to do all sorts of alchemy, even a magic spell. The Alchemist is weak at first, but when you get stronger, each day your skills will improve in battle to even defeat the most cruel monsters ever, You're friends agrees with me, Would you be one?

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Elite
Starter Alchemist AlchemistState Alchemist Royal Alchemist

Starter Alchemist-
You start on your journey as an Alchemist, but before that, you get rookie training! A starter Alchemist will use potions and bombs at start, the potions can heal HP and MP also! Sometimes, you release a poison that will kill your foes in a single blow. That poison is a powerful disease that only a real Alchemist can do it, but you're experienced enough to rank up to Alchemist, so keep practicing to be one!

The skills of a Starter Alchemist-
Starter's Potion ~ HP Potion This kind of Potion is a light green color, it heals your HP or other allies by 30%, It might give REGENERATION effect by 10%, you throw a potion to yourself or your allies, then you drink it and surround yourself with a green aura around your body to restore your HP during the effect, if you reach the Royal Rank, you can heal your HP 90% at a high MP cost, but this kind of form takes 20 mp from you.
Starter's Potion ~ MP Potion Another form of potion, its a blue colored one, it heals your mp or other allies by 30%, It might give FOCUSED state by 10%, you drank a potion to surround yourself with a blue aura around your body to recover you missing MP during battle, if you reach a Royal Rank, you can restore your MP by 90% at a high MP cost, but during your rank, this only consumes 20 mp from yourself.
Transmutation ~ Spider Wolf You summon a half Spider half Wolf chimera at the battle, This Hybrid Creature can both give BLEED and POISONED effects at 5%, they deal about 5% deduction to the enemies HP, they last for 1 minute, this Powerful Transmutation costs 35 Mana from the Alchemist.
Starter Weapon ~ Potion Grenade You throw a suspicious black potion with a skull mark, you throw it at the enemy, and it explodes into a black smoke and explosion decreasing 20% of your enemies HP, this use of the potion executes 30% of your own HP and uses it on the effect, the smoke might even give you 10% dodge at the same time, This is extremely dangerous, even for a starter, as you rank up, this weapon will be upgraded into a more dangerous and powerful one that before.

An Alchemist should start their exercising at making more potions, but not only that, they get to toughen up themselves! As you current rank, You're now able to use magic skills! People will tremble at you, but not yet. You still use rookie magic and your not the top notch around here.. But you're still quite deadly, as you bomb people with your potions, or heal them. An Alchemist deserves some respect for healing people with their medicine, when you were Starter, people was grateful to you, but since your now an Alchemist, your team mates will be lucky to have you!

The skills of an Alchemist-
Potion ~ HP Restorer Use an upgraded version of HP Potion, it gives 40% heal but at a high MP cost, you will execute 57 mana.
Potion ~ MP Restorer Use an even better version of the old MP Potion, this time, it will give 40% restoration but a high HP cost, it will remove 30% of your own health.
Transmutation ~ Giant Green Rat A Giant Green Rat spawn, its stronger than the Spider Wolf, but disappears at 1 turn, Has 25% chance of giving POISON status to the enemy. This will use 55 mana.
Alchemist Weapon ~ ReconstructionSince your an Alchemist now, You know how to reconstruct and rebuild.. What? You still Don't know? Well, Reconstruction is when you destroy a thing, it becomes a part of you, then you use it for an attack, But don't worry, this is a passive skill.
Alchemist Weapon ~ Rebuilding Rebuilding, a part of society, This will use all the energy from the battles you've encountered into a spell that would both do Offense and Defense with mass, You will have to take mass like the ground or the soil. This is a passive skill.
Alchemist Magic ~ Electric Shock You put your palm in your enemies face, Charging your both weapons at the same time, Charging up power in your arm to release a terrifying shock to your opponents, It might give stun at a 35% radius, this will use 40 mana.

State Alchemist
You are now in a State qualification, you have the power of a Legend. You're famous all around the world. But not as famous as the Royal Alchemist's who server the king, So you strive harder as a State Alchemist you now control the elemental of Rock/Metal.

The skills of an Alchemist-
Potion Burst ~ Full Restore An explosion of your boiled HP potion, it scatters around your party giving different types of heal, (like example 84, 70 , and 85.)
Potion Burst ~ Mana Elixir An explosion of your boiled MP potion, it scatters around your party giving different types of heal. (Example above.)
Transmutation ~ Black Ghoul Forbidden Transmutation, only to be used when a party unit is down. It revives the unit into a Black (Nigger) Ghoul that life steals the enemy for themselves.
Alchemist Weapon ~ Rebuilding Every time you use a skill , +3 Damage. Passive skill.
Alchemist Weapon ~ Reconstruction Charges 1 orb, every skill you use. Passive skill.
Hand of God ~ Vital Strike Hit the Weaknesses of your opponent, crippling them to not attack for 3 turns.
Alchemist Magic ~ Turbo Shock A stronger version of Electric Shock , has 45% chance to Stun an opponent.
Elemental Bomb ~ Orb Exposure Use all the orbs from your Reconstruction, into a great bomb of Explosion dealing mighty damage to your opponents.

Royal Alchemist
You are the highest rank of alchemist in the world, you serve your King with your ultimate desire for alchemy, You are the ONE.

The skills of a Royal Alchemist-
Potion Magic ~ HP Spark You launch a Red spark on your Party thus healing them but making yourself not attack for a turn. The Heal is worth it for your miss turn.
Potion Magic ~ MP Spark The Same thing but with Mana.
Transmutation ~ Homunculus You sacrifice 20% of your HP, to summon a Beast from this order. (Envy, Greed , Pride , Wrath , Gluttony, Sloth , Lust ) Envy has 200 HP and has a fair damage and has fair defense.. Greed has 250 HP and has high Defense but low damage. Pride has 225 Hp and extremely high damage and fair defense. Gluttony has 300 HP, has fair damage and low defense. Sloth has 260 HP, has high defense and fair damage. Lust has 215 HP, Has Extremely High Damage and Low Defense.
Alchemist Weapon ~ Rebuilding Every time you use a skill, +5 Damage to that skill.
Alchemist Weapon ~ Reconstruction Charges 1 orb, for each skill you use and the unit you kill.
Alchemist Magic ~ Volt Shocker A more upgraded skill than Turbo Shock. Has 60% Stun to an opponent.
Alchemist Magic ~ Liquid Fire Throw a vial that contains magma, and spreads around the opponents party. Thus dealing damage and burning them.
Alchemist Magic ~ High Sands Summon 3 Rock Pillars on a slanting positing hitting the chest of 3 foes.
Hand of God ~ Sh'ratael The highest move of the Indian Alchemist], strikes all Vitals therefore disabling the foes actions for 2 turns, then strikes with a Chop to the neck. Giving you 50% to KO a non-boss opponent.
Elemental Nuke ~ Orb Exclusion Use all the orbs charged in Reconstruction, forming 1 random Element to attack your opponent's party.

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The Beastlord, Strong and Sturdy, able to summon the wild in aid of battles during thy time. A Beastlord will be handy at times when you're mana has gone low, the Beastlord can summon even the strongest of animals at his aid in battle, be cautious becausea Beastlord eats alot and snores loudly when he's at slumber, The Beastlord has alot of experience in animal taming, so if you have a pet, let him train it for you so you can have a loyal pet, Wan't to train it by yourself? Then Train as a fellow Trainee Beastlord in your quest.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Elite
Trainee Beastlord Beast LordPrimal Warrior Animal Master

Trainee Beastlord-
Trainee Beast lord's are training to be a Beast Lord like their mentors one day, But your still inexperienced in battle, that's why your summoning's will sometime attack you in battle because they are not tamed yet, but you still thrive to be the best and that's why you can be stronger in the future one day. You can summon even more stronger animals than before!

Trainee Summoning ~ Wild Boar You summon a boar to your aid, but your summoning will not listen to you, If he wants to fight he will, but if he doesn't want that means he'll just poof away, This Boar can deal normal damage as a Bull, this Boar might also attack your allies in battle, confusing them for enemies instead those foes in front of you. This move executes 30 mana in use.
Beast Intimidate ~ Pride Claw You follow the move of your master trying to slash things with a beast claw, unfortunately this copied version is weaker than the original so you can deal only 50% of the original in battle, This move might give 10% chance of Bleed in the opponent's guts. This move executes 18 mana.
Beast Hide ~ Reptile Skin Taught by your Mentor, this move turns your skin into a green scaly reptilian skin, This skill adds 20% endurance in your body plus a resist from poison as well, this move will be upgraded into more features and cost of 23 mana.
Oblivion Control ~ Locust Swarm You summon a swarm of pesky locust to destroy everything in their way, this move costs 20% of your HP and 20% of your MP, this move is highly strong and might knock out an entire army, but instead, this is a weak version of it, This can deduct your enemies hp by 30%.

You've finally mastered your first training of being a Trainee Beastlord, now you can express your powers by showing everyone what you can do now, You can summon fully trained animals at your aid, but it must be the one you last tamed, with your new abilities, you can tame any living animal alive! You have the potential to be king of the Jungle!

The skills of a Beastlord-
Summoning ~ Tamed Summoning Before you can get any official tamed animal spirits, you must tame the animals that you last fought in battle, Will you be willing enough to work with the beast you once fought? This is a test to see the bond between An animal and a Beastlord in battle together.
Beast Intimidate ~ Avian Wings You grow some Avian wings to boost up your battle senses in flight, this gives you 20% more dodge than before and you can do this only Wing use move Feather Arrows in battle, This move costs 30 MP in battle and it lasts for 2 turns making you invulnerable to ground attacks.
Beast Hide ~ Hard Shell You morph your spine to increase your Endurance by 20% but this reduces your Speed by 10%, This Hard shell lasts for 2 minutes so be careful when using it this powerful defense spell can cost you 34 mp in battle.
Animal Tame ~ Capture During in Battle, you can tame Monsters that have Animal resemblance, Take note, that the monster must have a red health bar or your capturing will fail, This capture spell is cost you 25 mana, But it's enough to Catch a Lion or a Bear in battle. Note, You cannot catch while your in Avian Wings or Hard Shell form.
Avian Form ~ Feather Arrows While in your Avian Form, You emit Spirit like Feathers to form arrows that attack your enemies, This can attack a total group of enemies, but its weaker than Locust Swarm, This move is highly recommended when Given FOCUSED status by an Assassin from your Group in battle. This move executes 37 of our mana.
Blood Assistance ~ Primal Heal As your relationship with the Animals, you can share life with other team mates as well, That's why you sacrifice your Own HP to restore the HP of other team mates, This Heal restores 20% of your Team mates HP while you sacrifice 25% of yours.

Primal Warrior-
You've gone to far to the "Become on with the Animals" thing as you currently live in a habitat with them, A Primal Warrior has 99% animal instinct, So you act like one, but your still human. A Primal Warrior has mastered all his Beast Lord training in the past so now, you can do a full transformation and summon completely Stronger Summoning's! Be careful that you might turn into a frog, that's very unlucky to an experienced Warrior like you.

The skills of a Primal Warrior-
Advanced Summoning ~ Golden Python Summoning a Wind based Snake to your aid is a wise choice, as they can give TANGLED status at a 70% radius, they last for 3 turns and cost of 61 mana.
Beast Tactics ~ Avian Form Instead of just wings, You become a Wind based human bird at battle, this effect lasts for 4 turns, Your speed will be doubled, but your Defense will decrease, This form will execute 80 mana from you.
Beast Tactics ~ Reptilian Blend You become one with the environment, literary. You blend your skins as a Chameleon to remain unseen for 3 turns, this will give you a whooping 40% dodge increase at a cost of 78 mana in battle, must take note, it Avian Form is one it will remove its affect and Reptilian Blend effect also.
Animal Call ~ Pride of the Wild You call forth 4 animals to stampede on your enemy.
The List of Animals are : Elephant, Rhino , Zebra, Lion , Tiger , Crocodile and Gorilla. Note : Each Animal will be randomized. (Elephant is Earth, Rhino is Stone , Zebra is Wind, Lion is Fire , Tiger is Dragon , Crocodile is Water and Gorilla as Beast.)
Avian Form ~ Titanium Feathers This will be a passive move only activated when in Avian Form, this will leave you invulnerable for status effects like Poison , Bleed , Stunned , Paralyzed , Sleep or Any other.
Blood Offering ~ Primal Focus You can heal your whole team by 15% by sacrificing 30% of your own HP to heal them, all of them will have Regeneration Status to boost up, while you get Stunned for loosing alot of HP.
Skill ~ Primal Eye By this passive skill, you can hear other animals calls that cheer you up, or let you down. (lol) , The Cheering sound gives you +10% strength while the Negative cheer will decrease your Defense by 10%.
Primal Wrath ~ Volcano Roar Activated when a Comrade has fallen, It boosts your Damage by 50% dealing more rage and anger to defeat your foes in nearly 10 seconds, This will take 10% of your HP in use.

Animal Master
You are an animal master, problem?

The skills of an Animal Master-
Elite Summoning ~ Grand Bear Animal Master is like a druid, summons a bear which has 400 HP to fight along side you.
Avian ~ Sonic Arrows You hit the opponent with sonic arrows.
Beast Tactics ~ Reptilian Form You shape shift into a Reptile Humanoid which increases your Damage and Speed.
Beast Tactics ~ Avian Form Even more Advanced than the last one. Makes ground attacks useless.
Animal Call ~ Stomp of the Beast Call a Gorilla to smash your opponent's party for one turn.
Primal Skill ~ Furry Heart +3 Health for each turn.
Reptillian ~ Acid Spit You spit acid that affects the foe's party.
Primal Skill ~ Metal Hide Increased Defense.
Roar ~ Lion Shout. Shout to your opponents, dealing heavy damage.
Primal Wrath ~ Tiki God Transform into an Animal God which makes you invulnerable for 2 turns, Increase Damage.

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Beginner Intermediate Advanced Elite
Squire Slayer Abyss Knight Savior

The skills of a Slayer-
Pyrotechnic ~ Flame Blast Fire's a huge blast hitting more than 1 units, fairly weak. Removes 20 mana.
Defensive Tactic ~ Blue Buff Gives the whole party increased defense. Removes 15% Mana.
Offensive Tactic ~ Red Buff Gives the whole party increased offense. Removes 15% mana.
Swordsmanship ~ Triple Slash After a successful attack, You can use this skill to strike your opponents 3 more times. Removes 36 mana.
Battle Instinct ~ Block You have 15% chance to block any attack.
Final Blow ~ Explosive Blade You charge for a turn, then attacks the opponent with your blade then Explosion happens. Cost 50 mana.

The skills of an Abyss Knight-
Pyrotechnic ~ Flare Discharge Stronger than Flame Blast, it's pretty much like Lightning Chain but with Fire. 30 mana.
Aura ~ Blue Increase Offense to surroundings.
Aura ~ Red Increase Defense to surroundings.
Swordsmanship ~ Wind Tunnel With your double blades, you form a circle and spin around then attack the opponent with an incoming hurricane with you inside it whirling your blades. 24 mana. 20% to stun opponents.
Swordsmanship ~ Land Strike You take your dual blades, and smash them in the ground. 32 mana. 35% to stun the opponents.
Swordsmanship ~ Giga Drive Speed up, and attack your opponents in an instant catching them off guard. Used when opponent is stunned.
Battle Instinct ~ Counter Block This will make you block an attack, and when you blocked an attack you attack them with your other sword. (Dual swords.)
Final Strike ~ Explosive X You run and form an X mark when you slash hitting your opponent with the X and explode. 50 mana.
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Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)   Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction) I_icon_minitime

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Phantasmagoria of Riches (Under Construction)
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