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 Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications

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PostSubject: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:36 pm

Feel free to apply here:

Character Name:
Preferred Style:

Character Name: Red Lion
Class: Magician
Age: 17 in human appearance, but really at least 150 years old.
Race: Demon with the appearance of a human. Also part Lion.
Preferred Style: Blast the shit fuck hell out of everything with magic. Use others as meat shields.
Appearance: Red medium-length hair, with red eyes and slight fangs. Wears a casual set of clothing, jeans with a black long-sleeved shirt, and a set of chains across his shoulder worn like a sash. Carries a spell book with a large red ⑦ on it and a black cover.
Biography: A being that used to be a lion, that lion was infused with demonic powers and resulted in Red Lion being born. With immortality (HP can be defined as motivation to him rather than actual life source), he wanders the lands searching for new things to do to keep himself entertained. What can be described as a friendly demon, Red Lion enjoys socialising with others, remaining happy despite the fact that he knows most people he'll meet will die young compared to what he'll live up to be.
Team: Lion Pride

There are 3 people per team, teams are as follows.

Dragon Seek:

Lion Pride:
-Red Lion
-Siath Bloodmore

Elephant Cock Horse:
-Solomon Aschokov

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:55 pm

Character Name: Perseo
Class: Alchemist
Age: 16
Race: Elf
Preferred Style: Throw bombs and potions with a slingshot.
Biography: Perseo, since young, was a very distant and mysterious kid.
He saw his parents being killed right in front of him. The killer was about to shoot Perseo, when a dragon appeared and saved him. A earth brown dragon, with a young flame in his eyes... Perseo knew that that dragon knew something... Something very mysterious and decided to search for him.
Now Perseo wanders through the world in the search of the mighty dragon that saved him.
Since he knew that it wouldn't be easy, he started studying runes and alchemy. He also found out that the dragon that he seeks it's called Elnhart.
While traveling, Perseo finds a precious artifact called "God's Blade", a sword that was so powerful, that it was alive and knew all the humanity's secrets. Perseo kept her, and in trade of information, he had to kill the Lord of Ultimate Evil Cer'enth, so he can get the red jewel to free Urea, the spirit within the sword. Perseo carries her on his back, so he can have a wider vision field, resulting in a better dodge chance. On his journey, he finds Lorylda, an elf from an ancient nation, the A'lyetai. The A'lyetai was a nation that lived in harmony with dragons. So Perseo accepted Lorylda into his team. Both travel the world, with the objective of finding dragons. So they formed a team, called "Dragon Seek". Perseo his very competitive, so he's always trying to beat Lorylda (which is supah easy) in every way possible. Even if it is writing a bio.
Using a dynamic combination of his slingshot, punches, bombs, potions and summoning runes, he can kill mobs and bosses really fast, as well aid his team with HP and MP potions.
Team: Dragon Seek, along with Lorylda and [Yet to be chosen]

Freakin' theme song:

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:31 pm

Character Name: Lorylda
Class: Dragon Lord
Age: Almost 17
Race: the A'lyetai
Preferred Style: Using her dragons? Idk Mad
She carries her A'lyetai Book of Knowledge with her at all times. This book does not detail anything about how to live with dragons in harmony (as anyone could steal the book and discover the A'lyteai secrets). It only has helpful tips and guides on how to become a successful Dragon Lord. Several of its pages have been torn out and more are soaked with blood.

She also carries her Sword with her. Her sword was originally owned by her father - she quickly took it when her parents were being attacked and fended off their attackers by herself.
Biography: Lorylda is the last of the A'lyetai race, a race that kept the secret to living with dragons in harmony. After her parents were killed by people trying to get the secret of the A'lyetai, she started training to become a Dragon Lord.

She has slight trust issues, and only trusts people she has known for a fairly long time. She finds it very hard to make decisions, and takes a long and hard time considering the consequences. She sees most things in a negative light, finding her Dragon Lord training to be only her reason to live. However, she is very trustworthy, and keeps every promise she makes. Unlike Perseo, she is not the competitive type - rather, she thinks competition is a waste of time, and puts absolutely no effort in her and Perseo's little "competitions". When serious, she is capable of devastating power.

Before she met Perseo, she had traveled around the world, wanting to become an Elite Dragon Lord. However, other than this, her life had no purpose nor had it a meaning. She was even starting to ask herself why she was an Elite Dragon Lord. But on one of her aimless journeys, she met Perseo, and discovered he was searching for a particular dragon. She was getting desperate due to her boring life and immediately volunteered to help Perseo. Eventually, they created a team named 'Dragon Seek'.

Shortly after she and Perseo created 'Dragon Seek', she found out The Lord of Ultimate Evil Cer'enth had something to do with her entire family's death. She is now determined to find out the truth about Cer'enth and her family more than anything else, and will even adventure to the darkest and the scariest of places just to find out what her family was like. However, her quest will be difficult, as obtaining information about a clan that has all but one of its members brutally killed is not the easiest thing in the world.
Team: Dragon Seek with Perseo and ? (edit in later)

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Ray the Huntress
Ray the Huntress

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:26 pm

Character Name: Sedq'rian Xdradq' Esp (alias: Snake Gut, Snakey)
Class: DragonLord
Age: 243 years old
Race: Void Dragon
Preferred Style: Finishing off enemies with stealth (pounce) and without using a lot of energy or mana. He may sometimes use melee combat to take care of his enemies if he wants/thinks he needs to. May prefer to go on a rampage instead if he have to face a f**k load of enemies. He can read others' mind through telepathy pretty much anytime he needs to. If there is a need of using his "hidden" Void abilities and skills he may not hesitate to.
Appearance: He wears an armor that is decorated with dragon and human skulls. His dragon-like helmet is tilted to an angle that conceals almost his entire face. Chains hang around his neck and back and long tattered blood-red cape drapes over his back. He wields a poleaxe (or polearm) instead of a sword and a shield as he is more of an offensive type. He also have several sheathed daggers that are hanging at his hip. However, at the moment, he's using a two-handed sword that is made deep inside the Void as his polearm needs some repair and etc.
Biography: *non-official bio here because the "official" one never say he became a pure Void Dragon*
He was a Plasma Dragon when he was a hatchling. However, he thought his family members were frightening (LOL) and thus he fled from them, but at the same time, accidentally strayed into a (random) portal that led him to the Void. Unfortunately, the portal closed the moment he entered the Void, trapping him inside forever. He was completely lost within a new territory until the Void Dragons adopted him and named him "Sedq'rian". He was then trained to control the element of Void for both offense and defense. Due to the constant exposure to the Void (both the dimension and its inhabitants), his formal characteristics began to fade away completely years later; now known as a Dragon without an origin.

A century or two later he decided to leave the Void for a time being to explore the "mortal" world, much against the Elders' advices. Most people seemed to fear him as he stepped into their towns and villages, which he did not understand why until he asked one of them who snapped back at him and claimed that he is a devil. Some even threatened to attack or kill him if he did not leave them alone. It was then he understood why the Elder Void Dragons had warned him about the "mortals".

However, he was determined to prove that he is nothing but a mere individual who mean no harm and so, he decided not to use his Void power (for the time being) and train himself as a Dragonlord in the "mortal" world. When he first heard of a mission about Cer'enth's jewel, he decided to take on this challenge to obtain it, not for gold, but respect. Until now, he isn't sure if anyone will actually accept him because he thinks that (and in fact) some see him as a demon that is plotting against them.

He do not know and have never bothered to find out if he have a family before he lived in the Void because he believed that they would most probably not acknowledge him due to the fact that he was no longer part of his family (even though his family blood still flow through his veins).

Contrary to popular belief, he is an easygoing and friendly fellow who only want someone to accept who he is. He too can stay passive as long as there are no danger or any need of protecting anything or anyone. He seem to be able to befriend a monster more readily than to a human because he thinks that humans sometimes can't be trusted.

Many humans believe that beings like him can only thrive on them even if they had seen him eating almost anything and everything to his likings. Unlike what many thought about him, he DO NOT enjoy eating human flesh mainly because he thinks that they taste horrible sometimes and will only eat them if he cannot find anything to eat nearby when he is extremely hungry.

Whenever he is in a battle, his hunter's instincts may overtake him which will cause him to become completely ruthless without he himself knowing. He usually realize that he had gone too far after he had ripped his opponents' heads off and sometimes even after days or weeks he may not even notice that. This may be one of the reasons why many people fear and despise him.

However, as the adventure goes on, his sanity starts to deteriorate after something had happened to him in the middle of the journey. How this happened was not known to anyone but the Elders, not even Sedq'rian himself.
Team: none at the moment because he was a little xenophobic. Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:05 am

Character Name: Siath Bloodmore
Class: Assassin
Age: 19
Race: Human
Preferred Style: Stabbing or Slashing people in the guts without using much time.


Biography: Once a Traveler when he was the Age of 14, Stopped by a Mysterious Cavern with Strange Inscriptions,
He found a Rare Golden Scroll inscribing the secrets of the Assassin Creed,
The Council said he was going to be Forced to Death, but a Female Assassin pleaded to stop the Death because she will train him as one of her own.

After 5 Years has passed for his training, The Assassin who trained him or better known as Elicia, got sick.
So he's on a quest to find a Mysterious Philosopher Stone together with Red Lion, they wander around the world.

Team: Lion Pride with Red Lion and ???

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PostSubject: Celther Kneel   Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:49 pm

Character Name: Celther Kneel
Preferred Style:Quickly Moves near opponent Shoot him/her with an arrow then swiftly goes near the enemy to slit him using his knife
Then afterwards he kicks them using his armored kneecap with spikes then punches the head.
Appearance: In First Form ( more to be posted soon =3 )
Biography: He went rogue on his early years of a ranger and is now struggling to survive , afterwhich he finds a team he calls " Family " with papa frank and mama Dark , xP He had a few years of experience in the use of bows , and knives he doesnt like using much MP , he likes honest cruel Bloodshed throw bow and knives

He was abbandoned by his Family before , he didnt have much of a child hood cause in the age of 5 he started killing minor enemies
What allowed him to do that was some sort of , dark creature for now the memory of the creature is Blurry
Now Celther thinks to himself everytime the things the dark creature said " Grow up to be the best warrior and I will award you your place "
He has been working hard And he will now see where his Hard work will take him.
( The reason why his name has kneel is , his kneecap hurts cause of the spiky armor he has around it he made sure to make this a habbit to use his knee alot for extra damage )
Team : Dragon Seek


Anything you wanna know? xP

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:23 pm

Character Name: Solomon Aschokov (call him Asch for short =/)
Class: Assassin

Race: Vampire (NOTE: Not all vampires are immortal Weakness: Silver sword to the heart and other common weaknesses of vampires, wounds heal easily but not like in a second (e.e))

Preferred Style: Look for open /vulnerable spots to kill/weaken/torture.

Appearance: (guy with a red hair with a mask like that one below, without the blood (which he doesn't always wear) )

Not much. Kills with usual methods, with a knife or anything possibly deadly, poisons, knives, anything deadly AT ALL, trained by a man named "Nitzschke Wess", he was killed by rival teams when he was still young. he was trained enough to train on his own, learned all the skills he needed but still needed improvement and practice. Until now, he has minor problems with hitting the exact spot where he should be hitting.

He still training up until now to the hope of becoming a Stealth Master.

Team:NONE (atm)
Note: I don't godmod (here) I only godmod back in chat 'cuz i don't want RP there.

Open the links yourself. :?: I didn't find any way how to put those pics I've tried Editor mode and copy-pasting the pic and it doesn't work and the colors don't work D:< I've tried this in FF and GC Browsers. Not even the smileys work =/.
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:09 am

Rayne, not accepted. Please don't post in the RP section EVER again ._.

edit: choose a diff class please
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:52 am

goddammit, i missed the class thingy where u make ur class...oh well...
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications   

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Phantasmagoria of Riches - Applications
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